You might have noticed by now that we absolutely love our #crazyplantpeople community. In they are a huge part of our inception and they still continue to support us during our growth. There are many facets to our community, all of which you can get involved with. Whether your prefer Instagram or Facebook, the community will be there to greet you with open arms. Just be warned, they are absolutely crazy about their plants! 

We have an awesome 'private,' Facebook group on offer for anyone who wants to get 'exclusive,' tips on plants and gardening. 

 We're building a great community of people who love plants and want to help each other become better plant parents. 

There's tons of great info on offer and we even run a giveaway once a month. 

It's great way to interact with our crazy plant people on a more personal level. This is where you can ask specific questions about your plants, ideas and experiences!

Crazy Plant People Group
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Get connected with the #crazyplantpeople community. Our goal is to cultivate a healthy community where people are welcome to ask questions and have fu...


Want to know where it all started? It started with a hashtag...

Barbie has always been crazy about her plants but she was always pleasantly surprised to find people from around the world who were just as passionate and something even more passionate than her. Once she experienced the sharing of plant experiences of people from around the world, she just knew that she had discovered a very special community.

To get involved, just start using the hashtag #crazyplantpeople 


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Thanks so much

Thanks so much, really appreciate it :)

So happy! Amazing plants

Customer service is impeccable, barbie is happy to help with anything you may need :)
Plants arrived In great condition

all well

all well

Aloe Aristata 'Lace Aloe'

Crown of Thorns arrived wrapped up like a present complete with coloured tissue! Always exciting Barbie. Amazing quality plant by mail. Thank you again!

Packed with care

I’m so happy with my purchase packed with so much care thank you.