10 Things Crazy Plant People Do

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#10. You're constantly on your Instagram/Facebook feed looking at the your fellow plant lover's pictures of plants to see which plants you can add to your list of 'must have'.


#9. You get excited when you see new roots, shoots or leaves and instantly take a picture or time lapse and then share on social media because you're a proud plant parent and you don't care who knows it.


#8. You go to the shops to run errands and come back home with plants that you just 'happen' to see and love.


#7. You're always on the look out for new planter pots at your local shops. Your plants deserve the best after all!


#6. You share your plant and planter pot hauls with your favourite plant social groups because sharing is caring.


#5. You justify your home being an indoor jungle by saying your plants purify the air and they take away negative energy and chemicals from your house or apartment. 


#4. You want to know everything about a plant you've just bought - their common name, their scientific name, how much light, water, care, drainage they need, and you research this by asking your favourite social media plant groups.


#3. You tell your significant partner that the plants you've just bought were all on sale and the fact that it was also payday was just a massive coincidence 


#2. You're phone gallery is mostly pictures of your plants, your plant shelves, you posing with your plants, your kids posing with your plants or plants that are on your list and plant arrangement inspirations. 


#1. You're family is constantly telling you that you have too much plants but they also buy and/or give you plants because they know they make you happy.

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  • When you have to buy a plant every time you go out.

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